The Dummies Guide to What’s for Dinner Dilemma!!!!

The Dummies Guide to What’s for Dinner Dilemma!!!!


Despite of our hectic schedule nowadays, and by the time we arrive at home, everyone’s clamoring for dinner and don’t have the time for you to spend an hour for cooking. Maybe your tired and probably don’t want to spend time cooking either, instead you want to eat soon. Whatever, the reason, whoever is the designated cook probably doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare meals.

In cooking, good organization and power tools in the kitchen is essential. Keep things clean and organized, so the time you spend is devoted exclusively to the preparation of the meal not searching for tools to prep and cook with. Spaghetti, meatloaf, soups/stew, chili, enchiladas and other such meals that can be made in large batches and frozen in dinner sized portions are the time saving gems that are the basis of a successful 30-minute cooking plan. Grouping dishes like spaghetti, meatloaf, tacos, enchiladas and burgers, you can save even more time.

Menu planning is another key to success. Planning weekly menus allows you to take advantage of sales, saving you money and makes shopping quicker and easier. How many times have you come home and scanned the frig for dinner ideas? How many times have you order delivery pizza because you can’t find anything to cook?

After menus are completed, make your grocery list. Plan time to grocery shop when you have time to make your purchases and do some meal prep when you return home.

When you get home (if you have chosen the suggestions above) divide the beef immediately. Make burger patties, sandwich them between sheets of waxed paper and freeze. While you’re doing that, fry the meat for the spaghetti, enchiladas or tacos in a large skillet, in batches as necessary in order to save money and time.

In fact, all of this preparation can be easily done in about an hour’s time. Now, get out a large crock pot. In the next 15 minutes, you can slice mushrooms, chop a couple of onions, pour in a couple large jars of spaghetti sauce and the meat. It cooks itself! Your 30-minute cooking plan has produced 4 nights of ready to eat meals, and 12 more requiring just minutes of effort to serve. Sixteen nights in all. Another example here, let say that an hour and 15 minutes is all you want to deal with today. Season the remaining ground beef reserved for the meatloaf with thyme and parsley (or whatever) and stick it in the frig. Cook and freeze. It’s as easy as that. Twenty nights of eating for under two hours effort, with maybe fifteen minutes work each night, getting it to the table.

If you have kids to whom you can safely delegate part of the meal prep process, by all means, do! Children that start cooking early will cook more meals at home when they are grown plus they get lessons in responsibility. Depending on their age, kids can set the table, chop veggies and grab items from the freezer. Create memories with your meal time preparation!!!

Our last tip is quite useful for those bad hair days. Nothing’s going right and you’re beat. Try the single course approach to the 30-minute meal. First, get some rice going. While it’s cooking, fix and serve a dinner salad and some bread. Everyone’s immediately got something to eat. Next, slice a few mushrooms, some leftover meat from last night’s roast and add a red bell pepper, a couple of sliced green onions or snow peas. Sauté this mixture briefly and serve over the rice. You’ve got a complete 30-minute meal. That’s all it takes!

Use these tips to prepare your favorite meals, ready to eat in just 30 minutes!  A workable 30-minute cooking plan is yours for the taking. Even side dishes, like rice pilaf, can be made in large do-ahead batches and frozen. Rice does just fine in the freezer. So many cook books say that rice is so quick and easy that there’s no point in freezing ahead. It’s your time we’re talking about!

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