From Mom’s Kitchen

From Mom’s Kitchen 


Growing up I didn’t realize the importance of eating at the family table. That is just what we did. Each meal was served at a long simple wood table. With six children it was always covered with bowls of food. And I confess, not always my favorites. Veggies; yuck, right?

My parents were farmers. My siblings and I grew up learning to work, from fields of vegetables to milking cows to helping prepare meals; it was a sun-up to sun-down kind of job. My mom was a stay-at-home mom. While she helped in the fields and barn, her passion was cooking for her family. Every day we had three, made from scratch meals (I think we were healthier then). We ate a lot simpler then as well. Alway fresh eggs from free range chickens, meat from cattle, hogs and chickens raised on our farm and lots of fresh vegetables as well as fruit from the orchards on the farm.

My mom shared her love for cooking with me and my sisters. I remember cooking rice pudding by myself when I was ten-year-old. Standing next to an ole gas stove, cooking in an old saucepan. I had to stir the pudding for hours, well to a ten-year-old it seemed like hours). While I don’t remember how it tasted, my parents bragged on me, saying it was really good!

After my father passed away and we relocated into town, mom continued her passion for cooking. She always had a plate of snacks for us when we got off the school bus. We continued to eat our meals around the family table, everyone talking at once trying to be heard over the other one. LOL

Now mostly, mom was a cook with a pinch of this and a pinch of that kind of cook.  She added seasons and salt sparingly and tasted often but she also started collecting recipes and wrote these on everything!  She didn’t have Pinterest or the internet so she wrote them out on paper and put them in boxes, books, you name it and you could probably find a recipe there that she had written and tucked away for later.

Christmas was one of mom’s favorite holidays.  I always remember cutting our Christmas tree and decorating it with strings of popcorn.  I remember her starting to bake breads, cakes, cookies and making her to-die-for fudge and divinity (no marshmallow creme for her recipes) shortly after Thanksgiving.   The home was full of the smell of Christmas until well after the New Year when we devoured the last of her treats. Lately, (you get wiser in your old age, hahaha) I’ve come to appreciate more and more the values my parents instilled in me growing up.  The gift of togetherness, memories and sitting around a simple wood table enjoying our meals; that is priceless.

Here are a couple that she made for us every Christmas!  I think her Tea Cakes, or fudge, or divinity or what the heck they were my favorites!


Be sure to check out the Recipe vault – My Mom’s Kitchen page for more of mom’s favorite recipes.  I will be adding more so check back soon!