In today’s world, both parents often have to work to make ends meet.  It can be a challenge to prepare quality meals and get the family to eat together at the table, especially on a regular basis.

What does this mean?

  • Often either or both parents spend less time home with the family – Work schedules are often set by employer not the employee
  • Either or both parents are often stressed from pressures of work and home – Parents often feel guilty being absent from family and torn between responsibilities at work and those at home
  • Work schedules leave little or no time for getting away– The higher you move on the corporate ladders, the more responsibility comes with the new positions, the harder to completely unplug from work life

Why does this matter?

  • Less Time to Prepare Meals – getting home late means that to cook a meal you need at least 1 to 1 1/2 hours to prepare, cook and get on table
  • Less Time Making Memories  – either of both parents are so stressed when getting home to more responsibilities, they allow kids to entertain themselves with electronics or visiting friends etc.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyles – Fast foods or frozen dinners and processed foods do not supply the necessary vitamins and proteins to maintain a healthy body.
  • More Expensive – Been through a fast food drive thru lately.  It cost around $10 to feed one person a burger, drink, and fries!

Pampered Chef’s founder Doris Christopher knew families faced these issues every day.  The pressures and stresses on families have resulted in more trips to fast food drive throughs and either eating in the car driving home or everyone eating while watching TV, You-tube videos or checking Facebook.

Pampered Chef exists to help parents get a healthy meal on the table in less time using power tools designed for this purpose. This gives you time to prepare, cook and serve the meal at the table.  This is important because as a family sitting around the dinner table you get to know each other again, share in everyone’s wins and troubles.  Children will remember these times for years to come and hopefully continue the tradition with their families.

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